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Updated, June 20, 2013

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Present Status

Professor Emeritus at Musashi University.

Deputy Director of  the Broadcasting Program Council of BS-Fuji Telecasting Company.

Councilor of International Society for Gender Studies

Audit of the Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication


Brief Profile

 Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

         After finishing her study at Ochanomizu  University in 1965, she started her career as an announcer (

anchor and/or personality) of Fuji-TV Company, which was one of the major commercial network stations in Japan.

The company had a prejudice against women at that time, woman anchors were only allowed to work for four years afetr college graduation.  Appealing the company to let woman workers continue working, she partially succeeded in working for two more additional years.  She kept her job for six years and then terminated her currier in TV  company.

Then she was given the first full scholarship for studying abroad from the College Womenfs Association of Japan in 1972.  She came to the U.S. to broaden her horizons while completing  a graduate study for Master's degree at San Francisco State University.

In 1975, finishing her graduate study, she participated in the First World Womenfs Conference presented by the United Nations, held at Mexico City.  In 1980 she started working as an instructor of Universities, while performing freelance writer, and TV anchor.

In 1985 she became a professor at Fukushima Womenfs College, then, transferred to  Edogawa University after five years.  In 1995 she became a professor at Musashi University teaching for both graduate and undergraduate students.

       She was a visiting scholar at E. W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University between April 2000 and March 2001.

      She assumed deanship between April  2001 and March 2003.  She was appointed for the director of Musashi Research Institute from April 2004 to March 2006.

      In March 2nd, 2013, she gave the farewell lecture and resigned to become a professor emeritus at Musashi University.


Academic Career

1965 Graduated from Ochanomizu Women's University
1972 Received scholarship from the College Womenfs Association of Japan
1972-1975 Studied in the Masterfs Course at San Francisco State University, Master of Arts.
1973 Received the scholarship from ALTRUSA
1976-1980 Studied in the Doctoral Course at Ochanomizu Women's University
1980-1985 Lecturer of the National Institute for Media Education

Professor at Fukushima Women's College

1990-1995 Professor at Edogawa University
1995 Part time Lecturer at University of Tokyo
1995-2013 Professor at Musashi University
2001-2003  Dean, College of Sociology, Musashi University
2004-2006 Director, Musashi Research Institute
1985-2013 During the period serving for main work, she was Invited to give series of lectures from University of Tokyo, Keio Gijuku University , Tsukuba University, Rikkyo University, Tokyo Women's Chrischan Universitu and many other Universities.


Major Activities in Societies

1965-1971 TV Anchor for Fuji Telecasting Company (Network station)
1975-1985 Free-lance TV Anchor, writer, and part time lecture at several universities.
1991-2000 Committee member for NHK Teletext Council
1994-1999 Columnist for "Iitai hodan" (Essay on Broadcasting and Communications) on the Tokyo Shimbun Newspaper.
1996-1998 Committee Member of the Juvenile Problem Council of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
1996-2000 Commissioner of the Council for Betterment of Broadcasting Programs
1997- 2011   Commissioner (or vice chairperson) of the Administration Commission of Motion Picture Ethics Code
1999-2009 Member of the board of directors at the Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication
2000  -Present Committee member of the Council of the Broadcasting Program of  BS Fuji TV Company. Deputy chairperson since 2005.

   Major English Publications

@Major book Publications  in Japanese, Title translated into English

@Major Papers in Japanese, Title translated into English


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